Frequently Asked Questions

Learn below about the most common challenges and their workarounds. If you didn't find what you're looking for you can always contact the support.


🔗Why Gifox needs macOS system permissions?

macOS doesn't allow apps to record your screen and control other apps unless you add them to the trusted list. This ensures that untrusted apps can't access any sensitive information on your Mac. Gifox requires screen recording permissions, well, to record the screen, and access control permissions to capture keyboard interactions when it's enabled in preferences window.

🔗Does Gifox uploads my GIFs to the Internet?

No! All GIFs are created and stored locally on your Mac. You can integrate Gifox with supported cloud services to share your GIFs straight from the app – in this case each recording must be explicitly shared by you. The only data we would collect and upload to our servers (if you out in) are anonymous logs for debugging the app when it crashes.

🔗Where can I find my license?

When purchased directly from our website you should receive an email confirming the transaction and containing the licence. Sometimes it may take a little longer, but at most 5-10 minutes. If you didn't receive an email or lost your license the fastest way to retrieve it is from — you might need to register first or use restore password form.

If you purchased Gifox from the Mac App Store prior version 1.5.1 you don't need a license, after that Gifox comes with a Pro in-app purchase, which can be purchased / restored from licensing dialogue. When restoring previous purchases you'll need to be signed in with the same Apple ID, see official Apple guide for details and troubleshooting.

🔗How can I activate the app or restore previous purchases?

First, make sure you're using the correct Gifox distribution. If you purchased it in the Mac App Store, you should download it from there, and directly from our website if purchased it directly — both versions use different licensing and not compatible with each other.

If Gifox Pro in-app purchase is not working please make sure that it has successfully completed by confirming it's present in purchase history. If so, simply restore purchases from licensing dialogue, otherwise, try purchasing it again.

If you're having troubles with making a purchase or restoring, refer to official Apple guide for details and troubleshooting. TL; DR: restart your computer and try again!

If direct-download license is not activating, make sure you're using correct email and not exceeding three activations per license, otherwise, deactivate it on other machines first.

If none of the above helps or after successful activation your copy of Gifox stops working or asks for activation again please quit the app, find it in Finder, compress and email it to — we'll look into what's wrong and make sure it doesn't happen in future releases. After that delete Gifox, download the latest version from App Store or directly from our website depending on your licence and try activating it again.

🔗Do you offer refunds?

Absolutely! If you've changed your mind, and no longer want to use Gifox, we can offer a full refund within 30 days of you purchasing Gifox. Simply contact us.


🔗What is GIF?

GIF is a bitmap image format that supports animations. It's the great alternative between static images and full-size videos. Checkout Wikipedia for more details.

🔗Why the exported GIF plays too fast or too slow?

The GIF playback speed depends on two things: the GIF file itself and the app used for playing it. The playback speed and frame rate can be adjusted in preferences using frame rate and speed multiplier configuration. However, different apps use different playback mechanisms and may ignore too high or too low values. Some apps may need to load the entire GIF first, which may also result in a delayed playback, especially for files on older hardware.

🔗Why the exported GIF can't be opened?

Don't panic! This is a consistent behaviour for large GIFs opened in standard macOS apps prior 10.13 High Sierra, including Finder, Safari and QuickView, and occurs when system doesn't have enough memory to preload the entire file. Most likely there's nothing wrong with your GIF and to confirm you can open it with Google Chrome — it uses more efficient playback mechanism and doesn't have these issues.

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