Gifox has built-in editor allowing you to edit and fine-tune recorded and imported media without leaving the app. Learn below about the editor user interface and how to use it.

🔗Editor Window

The editor window is split into two parts, the workplace view and the timeline view. The workplace view shows the video preview and allows to play it back. The timeline view shows the video tracks and allows to edit them – normally there's only one video track, but it can be cut and duplicated to create a more complex video composition.

Opening a media item in the editor window.

  • Selection tool – selects video tracks.
  • Blade tool – cuts video tracks.
  • Duplicate tool – duplicates selected video tracks.
  • Delete tool – deletes selected video tracks.
  • Play/Pause button – plays and pauses preview playback.
  • Looping button – toggles preview playback looping.
  • Zoom controls – adjusts timeline scale.
  • Settings – adjusts the media and export configuration.
Activate selection toolA
Activate blade toolB
Duplicate track *D
Delete track *
Undo previous actionZ
Redo undone actionZ

* Only with a track selected.

🔗Trimming Video

Trimming a video allows to change its start and stop time to make it shorter. To do that select the video track and drag the end handles sideways.

Trimming a video in the editor window.

  • Pink handle color means it's at the very start or end of the video track and it cannot be made longer on that end.
  • Yellow handle color means the video track is already trimmed and can be made longer on that end.

🔗Cutting Video

Cutting a video allows to split it into several parts that can be removed or rearranged. To cut a video select the "blade" tool and press anywhere on the video track where you want to split it. After finishing cutting select the "selection" tool to avoid making accidental cuts.

Cutting a video in the editor window.

🔗Editing Tracks

Video tracks can be duplicated, rearranged and deleted:

  • To duplicate the selected video track press D or "duplicate" button.
  • To remove the selected video track press or "delete" button. Note, the last track cannot be removed.
  • To rearrange video tracks simply drag them around as needed.

Deleting, duplicating and rearranging tracks in the editor window.

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