Using Gifox

Gifox is designed and crafted specially for macOS. Learn below about Gifox user interface and how to use it.

🔗Status Bar Icon

Gifox is a status bar app — it lives on the right side of the menu bar among Wi-Fi, Date & Time, Battery Status, Siri and other status bar icons. The status bar is the best and easiest way to access Gifox and its features.

Interacting with the Gifox status bar icon.

  • Clicking on the status bar icon when Gifox is not recording will open the library popover.
  • Clicking on it while pressing the key will open the app's main menu.
  • When Gifox is recording the status bar icon will appear different and clicking on it will stop the recording.

Some apps with long main menus will cause leftmost status bar items to hide when there's not enough space to accommodate everything. If this happens and the Gifox status bar icon becomes inaccessible:

  • Open Gifox from /Applications folder or Launchpad.
  • Quit unused status bar apps.
  • Activate an app with a shorter main menu, like Finder or Mac App Store.
  • Use a smart tool like Bartender to tidy up and organize the status bar.

🔗Library Popover

Gifox library popover is the main interface to create, access, edit and share recorded and imported media. It can be opened by clicking on the Gifox status bar icon.

Interacting with the Gifox library popover.

  • Area Selection – starts selection using the free area mode.
  • Window Selection – starts selection using the window mode.
  • Import Drop Area – opens up the file import drop area.
  • Output Folder – reveals the export output folder in Finder.
  • Preferences – opens the preferences window.
  • Contact – opens the contact window.
  • Main Menu – opens the main menu.

🔗Media Item

Recorded and imported media are accessible in the library popover. A media item shows the media summary (name, date, exported size and duration) and a media menu with actions.

Interacting with a Gifox media item.

  • Finder – reveals the last exported file in Finder.
  • Editor – opens the original media in the editor window.
  • Clipboard – copies the last exported file to clipboard.
  • Share – opens the sharing menu.
  • Menu – opens the media menu.

The main menu provides the common actions found in the library popover and less common ones not needed for everyday use.

Accessing the Gifox main menu.

  • Check for Updates – checks if Gifox can be updated to a newer version, only available in direct-download version.
  • Preferences – opens the preferences window.
  • Activate/Deactivate – opens the licensing window.
  • About – opens the about window.
  • Privacy – opens the privacy webpage.
  • FAQ – opens the frequently asked questions webpage.
  • Support – opens the support window.
  • Documentation – opens the documentation webpage.
  • Diagnostic Data – opens the diagnostic data window.
  • Quit Gifox – quits the app.

🔗Selection Menu

The selection menu appears when making a selection and during recording. It helps to configure what and how will be recorded, and provides controls for starting and stopping a recording.

Interacting with the Gifox selection menu.

  • Selection Details – shows selection position, size and aspect lock state (in area selection mode), and shows window name (in window selection mode).
  • Toggle Recording – starts and stops the recording.
  • Cancel Recording – cancels the recording without saving it.
  • Settings – opens quick capture and export configuration.
  • Help – shows help.

🔗Preferences Window

The preferences window provides access to the app settings and behavior configuration. Information on individual setting options can be accessed inside each preference tab by clicking on the help button.

Interacting with the Gifox preference tabs.

  • General – shows general app settings, including automatic launching, output directory, data sharing, etc.
  • Capture – shows system permission states and capturing options, including mouse and keyboard interactions, window shadow, desktop background, etc.
  • Export – shows GIF export options, including playback, resizing, color handling, dithering, etc.
  • Sharing – shows service integration configuration for Dropbox, Google Drive and Imgur.
  • Shortcuts – shows the app shortcuts configuration.
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