Gifox keyboard shortcuts allow to access the app features easier and quicker. Learn below about Gifox shortcuts and how to customize them.

Integrating Gifox with a cloud service.

Most shortcuts can be customized in the "shortcuts" preferences window.

  • Click on the shortcut button you want to customize. *
  • Type in the new shortcut to set a new one.
  • Or press the button to remove it.
  • Or press the Esc button to cancel the customization.

* Only for customizable shortcuts with non-disabled buttons.


Select all media itemsA
Delete selected media items


Start recording *Space
Stop recordingEsc

* Only with an active selection.

🔗Creating Selection

Toggle area selection6
Toggle window selection7
Convert window into area selection6
Select full screen *A
Clear selection *D
Cancel selection *Esc

* Only with an active selection.

🔗Adjusting Selection

Move selection 1ptArrow
Move selection 10ptArrow
Resize selection 1pt from originArrow
Resize selection 10pt from originArrow
Resize selection 1pt from centerArrow
Resize selection 10pt from centerArrow

🔗Editing Video

Activate selection toolA
Activate blade toolB
Duplicate track *D
Delete track *
Undo previous actionZ
Redo undone actionZ

* Only with a track selected.

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