Gifox can record your screen straight into a GIF. Learn below how to make a selection and to start and stop a recording.

🔗System Permissions

Before making any recordings Gifox must be granted system permissions for recording screen and controlling accessibility.

⚠️ macOS doesn't allow apps to record your screen and control other apps unless you add them to the trusted list. This ensures that untrusted apps can't access sensitive information on your Mac. Gifox requires screen recording permissions, well, to record the screen, and access control permissions to capture keyboard interactions when it's enabled in preferences window.

Granting Gifox system permissions.

🔗Recording Settings

You can configure what and how Gifox captures in capture preferences:

Changing capture preferences.

  • Cursor – captures mouse cursor (pointer).
  • Mouse interactions – captures mouse presses.
  • Keyboard interactions – captures keyboard key presses.
  • Window shadow – captures a window shadow in window selection mode.
  • Desktop background – captures a desktop background window selection mode when window shadow capturing is also enabled.

🔗Making Selection

Gifox has two selection modes, the area selection mode and the window selection mode. Area selection mode allows to select a part of a screen, while window selection mode allows to precisely select a window. To make a selection you can use keyboard shortcuts, buttons in the library popover and the main menu:

  • Press 6 to start an area selection or convert window selection into area, and use selection shortcuts to move or resize it.
  • Press 7 to start a window selection.
  • Press area or window selection button inside the library popover.
  • Press area or window selection item inside the main menu.

Making free area and window selection.

💡 Use the aspect lock button in the selection menu to remember the last selected area and restore it the next time a selection is started.

Toggle area selection6
Toggle window selection7
Select full screen *A
Clear selection *D
Cancel selection *Esc

* Only with an active selection.

🔗Starting Recording

With selection ready you can start recording it using keyboard shortcuts or buttons in the selection menu:

  1. Press Space to start recording.
  2. Press "toggle recording" button in the selection menu.
Start recording *Space

* Only with an active selection.

🔗Stopping Recording

A recording can be stopped using keyboard shortcuts, buttons in the selection menu or the status bar icon:

  1. Press Esc – this is the fastest and recommended way.
  2. Press the "toggle recording" button in the selection menu.
  3. Press the "stop recording" status bar icon.

Once the recording is stopped it will appear in the library popover and start exporting into GIF using global export preferences.

Stop recordingEsc
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