You can import images and videos into Gifox to convert them into GIFs. Any imported media can be edited just like regular recordings. Learn below about supported media formats and how to import it.

🔗Media Formats

Gifox supports and can import the following media file formats:

🔗Importing Media

Media files can be imported using the status bar icon, the library popover or the main menu.

Importing a video file into Gifox.

  • Drag and drop media files over the Gifox status bar icon. The mouse cursor will change to indicate whether the media file format is supported or not. If it is, the library popover will open up with the drop area where the files can be dropped for import.
  • Press the "import" button in the library popover. It will open up the drop area – press it to select the media files for import.
  • Press "import" item in the main menu and select the media files to import.

Imported media will appear in the library popover and start converting into GIF using global export preferences.

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